This is a list of the most frequent questions we get, if you have a problem that is not mentioned below please get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' link.

Q. I have received an error message after clicking on the link. What do I do now?

A. To download the 'Get the Focal', you must first be sure that you have sufficient call-time credit and are able to connect to the internet on your phone. If your phone does not have internet settings, call your network provider and tell them that you'd like your phone to be GPRS enabled. Most of them will do this for you free of charge.

Once you've done that, you can re-try your download link. If there is a problem with your phone or internet settings, you may receive an error message after clicking on the link. The more common error messages include:

* Connection failed
* GPRS failed
* Permission denied
* Download failed
* Connection timed out

If you receive any of these messages, or any variation of them, please re-try the link you have been provided with. There is a good chance that it will download after a second attempt. If the network is particularly busy, it may be worthwhile re-trying the link later in the day.

Q. Does it cost anything to download the application?

A.There may be download costs, charges vary depending on your mobile operator. In cases where you already pay for monthly internet access there may be no cost. But note that this is a "once off" cost only. Once downloaded the translation can be used "off line" free of charge.

Q. Does ordering the translator automatically sign me up to an expensive subscription service?

A. Not at all, we are not a subscription service. We only have a one off charge of 30c for the trial version and 5 euro for the full version, most of which goes to the mobile phone operators. Our main interest is in promoting the use of the Irish language through new media.