This is a list of the most frequent support questions we get, if you have a problem that is not mentioned below please get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' link.

Q. After it is downloaded, where can I find the application on my phone?

A. Once downloaded the application will be stored on your phones memory. Depending on your phone you will find it stored in your Applications, Installations or Games folder. Its the application with the Irish flag icon. When stored at the selected location simply go there to click and open it any time you wish to use it.

Q. When I try to translate words from L-Z in the java application it wont work?

A. The first half of the dictionary is FREE to use, if you want full access it costs 5 Euro for a yearly license. You can unlock it by to pressing the options button then unlock. The cost of unlocking will appear on your monthly bill or come from available call credit.

Q. I tried to translate a word but it was not in the dictionary?

A. In order for us to make the translator fit on most modern phones we have been limited to approximately 12,000 words. If we have missed any important one please contact us through the link above.